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Termites Extermination Control in
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Termites are probably the hardest pests to remove. They are certainly not something that can be taken care of yourself using DIY methods. If you think you’re experiencing a termite infestation, we’re right here to help.


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Superior Solutions for Termites

There are various kinds of termites that live within the Citrus Heights area. The most common termites in the region are subterranean, drywood, and formosan. The kind of termite will define what sort of potential damage threatens your house. Termites are prone to cause significant damage to wood since they’re working undetected.

Discovering Citrus Heights Termites

One way that you may have the opportunity to detect termites is to uncover termite feces. Termite waste materials is unique in it’s appearance; typically small narrow lines. You might also notice tubes or tunnels along your foundation walls or even over cement.

If you discover holes in your wood structures with particles at the top, or what seem to be mud tubes, then you should call a Citrus Heights termite professional immediately.

Reliable Termite Treatments

If you suspect termites, you should call our Citrus Heights exterminator to have a termite inspection. These termites might be causing serious damage to the wooden structure of your property. Termite extermination isn’t something you should attempt yourself. Termites aren’t a pest that that you can exterminate on your own. Contact Pest Control in Citrus Heights at (916) 520-6614 right away for all of your termite problems.

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