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Pest Control in Citrus Heights prides itself in having some of the best bed bug exterminators. Recently, we’ve seen a sizable increase in the quantity of bed bug problems in the area. We aren’t certain as to why there’s a surge of bed bugs but we feel it can easily be due to the elevated swapping of second-hand furniture and also the close proximity of living quarters.


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We think we can all agree that bed bugs are totally dreadful and nobody likes them. They’re one of several pests that you really can’t ignore either. While you’re sleeping, bed bugs come out to feed on you. They use a piece of their mouth, called a stylet, to pierce your skin. They then saw through your flesh to find your blood vessels for feeding. A bed bug typically feeds on a human for five minutes before returning to its hiding spot. The bed bug will simultaneously inject saliva into the body of the human it is feeding on. This saliva can create swelling and cause extreme itching.

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It’s not uncommon to not see the bed bugs themselves. They will usually hide in the crevices around your bed and lay their eggs within the seams of the bed. You will be aware if you have bed bugs either from the bite marks and swelling, or from your bedsheets. If you start to notice small fecal spots or blood smudges on your bedsheets, then you’ve likely been infested with bed bugs and you should call us at (916) 520-6614 immediately. Once you think it is likely that you might have bed bugs you mustn’t sleep in your home until it’s been treated.


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If you get out of bed with bite marks, think you saw a bed bug, or you have blood or fecal spots on your bedsheets, you should call our Citrus Heights bed bug experts immediately! Give us a call today and our Citrus Heights bed bugs professionals can provide a hassle-free quote!

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